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Chapter Six- Why God Created Me- All is Revealed Page Seventeen.a.


He took me through my life from beginning to end. He showed me everything, Satan has done in my life, to keep Gods plan, for my life from happening. He showed me, that the biggest weapon, Satan has and is still trying to use against me, is to discredit me. To make me useless to God and to try and prevent me from living the life, God planned for me. God showed me, all the instances in my life, where Satan has had a hand in. He then proceeded to show me a great deal of his plan for my future.

As he revealed my life to me, I just knew that this was God and that these were true. With every thing he said and showed me, over these days, I felt as if I was born for these things. They were so unbelievably right for me. Nothing could have been more perfect. How unbelievably happy I was going to be and I can tell you now, that not in a million years could I have imagined, the reason God has created me, or what he wants to do with my life. God showed me, that he created me for his purposes, and that in my work, everything I did would be to glorify him. I felt so blessed and unbelievably lucky, to be me. This might seem like an inappropriate word to use, but I have always felt, during my life, that I have been incredibly lucky, because I could have turned out so differently. I believe God has sheltered me all my life, even before I became a Christian and I am very thankful of this.

God revealed so much to me over these few days, he spoke constantly. In the end I couldn't take it any more and I asked God to please stop talking, because I felt as if my mind would explode and he did. After he did, I was worse off, because I had all these things racing around in my head and no one to answer my questions. I rang my friend and told her everything. My mind was still racing. Our cell group had recently had a video night and we had watched The Matrix. I felt like, I had taken the Red Pill and there was no going back. I decided to ring my Paster and made an appointment to speak to him about it. Then I received a very clear message, not to speak to him about it and that I had all the help I needed in God. So I rang my Paster and explained this to him and cancelled my appointment.

I went to church two days later, I was still in awe of everything. I still had not heard Gods voice again and I desperately needed to talk it over, so I called a friend over to talk to him about it. When it came to telling him, Gods actual plan for my life, I found I could not speak, my mouth would not speak the words to tell him. He told me later, that the same thing happened to him when he went to talk about it with his wife. He went to tell her the details, that I had told him and he couldn't speak the words. He knew that this news was not to be told to any one else, maybe, even, possibly, to him.

What God revealed to me over those past few days, gave me so much hope for my life. As I said before, I could never have imagined my life, turning out the way God planned it for me and if it wasn't for God, it wouldn't happen. I am know where near the person, that God has shown me I will become. I cannot see it in me and yet I know, that God's way is the only way I can go, where I will be completely fulfilled and happy in my life. No other way could be any where near, as right for me.


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