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Chapter Four- My Return from Exile Page Twelve


By the time I had finished, I knew my prayer was answered and that it would be done in Gods way. God showed me what prayer can really do and just how mighty he is. It was like when you read in the Bible about those who come close to God filled with his might, or his angels, I could never understand why they trembled, well there I was trembling. His might was so mighty, I could do nothing but tremble. In the end I said, "yes God, I now know how mighty and Awesome you are, but please show me your love too" and in the instant I said it God's love poured on me saying, "yes Debbie, I love you too".

God is so beautiful. He is the most precious thing I will ever have and I am forever thankful, that I have God in me and I in him, there is just nothing anywhere that compares to him.

I awoke the next day and was just thanking Jesus all day. I have so much to be thankful for. I knew what God did with everyone's prayers, I knew apart of his greatness, and that he loves me so completely. How fantastic it is to be able to place your absolute faith, trust and complete love, honesty and hope in someone and know that they will never for all eternity break, abuse or damage it. As it says in the Bible, 'Jesus will never break a bruised read or quench a smoking flax.'

The one thing I really pray for is that God always keeps me humble and that I never forget that without God I am nothing and to always need him for everything. Because I know that if I ever forgot that, I would go right back to where I was when God rescued me and believe me, I never want to go back there again. I have faith in God because I know, that he knows what's in my heart.

During these early days of my Christian walk, I spent most of my time in what I would call 'falling in and out of God.' I would lose all sight of God and it would take me weeks to find him again. The time I spent without him was like a nightmare. I couldn't stand living without God any more. I became aware of signs to recognize, when I was falling away from God and signs I recognized when he was in my heart. I decided to write them down, at a time when God was close to my heart. In the hope that I could read them when I was falling away and they might help to prevent me from going all the way. I'm glad I wrote these down now. I haven't looked at this in a long time although, I should have. The signs are as follows-

Signs to be aware of when I am far away from God-

-An emptiness inside me like a big hole, that I keep trying to fill but can't.
-Boredom, nothing seems worthwhile.
-Dissatisfaction with, who I am, and my life.
-Wanting to know what is going to happen with my life with a yearning or undesirable longing?


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