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Chapter Five- Jesus Calls Me to Follow Him Page Fifteen.a.


It became very clear to me again, another reason why Jesus died for me. All I could do was lay this at the cross and ask for forgiveness, repent and ask God to wipe my slate clean and ask him to find the way for me through his Grace. It made me realize what Jesus has done for me, because I can't take things back I can't erase anything. Only God can because of what Jesus has done for me and I am so aware now that my life is not my own. It belongs to Jesus for all he has done for me, because without him there would be no hope of salvation for me. Through Gods Grace he has forgiven me and is allowing me a clean start at life as a servant to him. That is what my life has to be now. My only life is in serving him and he will lead me in righteousness and I know that God knows if I can remarry, he is my judge and Jesus is my lord and I must learn to do things his way and live my life according to Gods plan.

A couple of days later, a woman whose son is in the same class at school as my son Michael rang me. She said, that she had had a break down and was going to go into hospital for a while and would I mind looking after her son for her whilst she was in hospital. I was very reluctant, because I knew that she and her son had many problems and with having 5 children of my own, I wasn't sure if I could cope. In the end, I very reluctantly, said yes. Before I go on, I just want to say that I did seek this person's permission, to include this in this book and she said that she was happy for me to include it as long as I did not mention her last name. I told her I would not use her name or her son's name at all. That night when I went to bed God spoke to me and I mean literally spoke in an audible voice. He told me that he wanted me to help her little family. Then he showed me how much he loved them. It was incredible. Then God said, "Debbie I'm going to show you what I can do. Watch me and I will show you the way I work in lives".

I was so amazed that God had spoke to me, he also told me that this woman had suffered enough and that he wasn't going to allow it any longer. He was stepping in and I knew that nothing is going to get in his way. I knew that God would bring her family together and heal.

Her son had been staying with me for a week and during that time, God was so close. His mum rang me, she was now in respite and asked me if I could go and visit her. I told her I would. During the drive there, I just prayed the whole time, asking God to help me do the right thing. To allow him to work through me whichever way he wanted. I knocked on the door when I arrived and she answered. She looked a mess, fearful and embarrassed. I told her I had to give her a cuddle. Then I sat and listened and prayed silently whilst she talked. She was talking a lot about spirits and witches and God was in there a lot. This woman was a Christian. She told me that before she became a Christian, she was on heroine and anything else she could get her hands on. She told me that at the time she had been more or less a Guinea Pig. She also abused alcohol. She told me that God had helped her stop drinking. She was a reformed drinker. She told me that when she got this bad, she hears voices. Bad voices and that


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