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The Great I AM-
HisTruths Revealed

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The Great I AM-
His Truth's Revealed
Home Page

Chapter One-
Take the ME out of the I
Page One
Page Two

Chapter Two-
With Eyes that SEE
Page Three
Page Four
Page Five
Page Five.a.
Page Six

Chapter Three-
The Forgery exposed
the TRUTH Revealed

Page Seven
Page Seven.a.

Chapter Four-
My Return from EXILE
Page Eight
Page Eight.a.
Page Nine
Page Nine.a.
Page Ten
Page Ten.a.
Page Eleven
Page Eleven.a.
Page Twelve
Page Twelve.a.
Page Twelve.b.

Chapter Five-
JESUS calls Me
to Follow Him

Page Thirteen
Page Thirteen.a.
Page Fourteen
Page Fourteen.a.
Page Fifteen
Page Fifteen.a.
Page Sixteen
Page Sixteen.a.
Page Sixteen.b.

Chapter Six-
Why GOD created me
all is revealed

Page Seventeen
Page Seventeen.a.

Chapter Seven-
Jesus- Lover of my
SOUL- Heals my
childhood WOUNDS

Page Eighteen
Page Nineteen
Page Twenty
Page Twenty.a.
Page Twenty.b.
Page Twenty.c.

Chapter Eight-
Jesus breaks the CHAINS
of bondage-
one LINK at a time

Page Twenty One
Page Twenty One.a.
Twenty Two
Twenty Two.a.
Twenty Three
Twenty Three.a.
Twenty Four
Twenty Four.a.
Twenty Five
Twenty Five.a.

Chapter Nine-
Foundations Broken-
To be BUILT Anew

Twenty Six
Twenty Six.a.
Twenty Six.b.

Chapter Ten-
In Pastures GREEN
Twenty Seven
Twenty Eight
Twenty Nine